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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites with Whiskey Maple Glaze

Servings: 24 Prep Time: 25 minutes Active Cook Time: 20 minutes Bake Time: 8-12 minutes per sheet Total Time: 65 minutes Ingredients: 2 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Cubed 2 lb Bacon, cut in half (56 halves) 1 Tablespoons Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons of butter ½ cup Whiskey ½ cup Real Maple Syrup 1 cup Orange Marmalade 3 Tablespoons Fig Infused Balsamic Vinegar 3 Tablespoons Whiskey Maple Smoke Rub, divided


Preheat oven to Broil, 450 degrees.  Prepare 2 baking sheets by covering with aluminum foil.

Heat olive oil and butter in frying pan.  Add cubed chicken and 1 Tbs of Whiskey Maple Smoke Rub.  Pan fry for about 6 minutes, until almost cooked through. 

In a sauce pan add whiskey, maple syrup, marmalade, balsamic vinegar and 2 T Whiskey Maple Smoke Rub, Bring to a boil, stirring often for about 7- 10 minutes or until it has thickened.  Turn off heat. Reserve ½ cup of the glaze.

Pour the remaining glaze over the chicken bites and coat thoroughly. Return to heat for another 5 minutes to thicken the glaze on the chicken bites. Let cool enough to touch.

Then, wrap each chicken bite in bacon and skewer with a toothpick. Place them on prepared baking sheet. Drizzle ½ cup of reserved glaze over the top of the skewers. Broil at 450 degrees for 8-12 minutes or until the bacon has browned and is crispy. Transfer to a platter and serve hot.

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